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Welcome to We Are the Dead, a Psychotica fan page made by lilprince. Last updated on Thursday August 13, 1998 at 3:20 AM. Well, look around, enjoy, and many many many thanks to the following people: Liz Bouras, for all that she does for the band and the fans, and Psychotica for getting me through life. Sorry the page takes so long to load, but it's graphix intensive. And just minimize the Tripod ad window, so when you come back here it doesn't pop up again and it wun't bother you.

Psychotica's nation-wide Espina tour has just about wrapped up, and is ending on August 24th in Burlington, VT. After that, Psychotica plans to go back to the studio and record a new album with a tenative release date in January. It is now yet known whether the album will have the touring band on it or not.

New or Highlighted Features

  • PSYCHOTICA PRESSKIT! Presskit from American Records, available HERE ONLY!
  • BLEEDING (LOVE LIES MIX) remixed by Random Disillusion, available here only in Real Audio
  • Visit my pix of Psychotica Live at Don Hill's June 27, 1998!
  • Hear Trippetta's cover of "Ice Planet Hell" in Real Audio!
  • Coming Soon: Trippetta's cover of "Soldier of War" and tabs for Espina

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